• Principal Investigator
  • Deep Learning, Meta-Learning, Financial AI, Medical AI

Senior Researchers

  • Cross-domain Transfer Learning
  • Deep Reinforcement Learning
  • Reliable Machine Learning, Explainable AI, Decision Trees

PhD Students

Miguel Jacques (CDT)
  • Extrapolation in Deep Networks
Carl Allen (CDT)
  • Theoretical Analysis of Embedding Models
  • Knowledgebases, Link Prediction
Kunkun Pang
  • Active Learning & Perception
Tanmoy Mukherjee
  • Vision & Language, Semantic Embeddings
Marija Jegorova
  • Lifelong learning for Robotics and Control
Xueting Zhang
  • Few Shot, Continual Learning
Boyan Gao
  • Graph Convolution, Unsupervised Deep Learning
  • Domain Generalisation. Deep RL.